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We build scalable solutions and promise maximum value creation from data.

We find the information in your data

that does not want to be found

Our ML is

is clearbox

Why does an algorithm come up with a particular outcome? Almost all machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are black box. They do not explain how the outcomes came about. Our algorithms are clearbox. We not only tell you what the outcomes are, but also tell you why. This makes AI and ML reliable and applicable in domains where transparency about technology outcomes is essential].


found in

your data

We love anomalies. Our acclaimed technology extracts all anomalies from your data. Our algorithms uncover salient or suspicious facts in complex data. They are so fast that we can do this in real time. Our customers were already applying it in transactional data such as fraud, illegal sharing of user accounts, telecom, credit card and money laundering fraud, as well as big data processing in manufacturing processes and logistics.

Direct focus on the things that matter

Our technology brings focus within the vast amount of data. This way, you won’t lose valuable time in the ever-growing amounts of data, without ignoring all this data. Do you also want to efficiently analyze your data and rank events by priority? CodeNext21 analyzes your data in real time, alerting you immediately to the events that matter. This way, you won’t lose valuable time in “deep-diving” BI graphs and other reports.

Afraid of artificial intelligence?

This is not necessary at all. Our technique shows exactly how artificial intelligence reasons and why it does what it does.

  • Qualitative results: our algorithms show the result you were looking for.

  • Clearbox: our algorithms tell you why.

  • Real-time: our algorithms give you the answer instantly.

  • Open-for-feedback: our algorithms learn from your feedback.

  • No cleaning, no training: our technology works instinctively and adapts to new situations.

Case Studies

Meet our hero skills

Telecom fraud

By applying our technology in the telecom domain (SIP), we were able to outperform existing fraud detection solutions, we detected fraud hours (sometimes even weeks) earlier than existing systems and saved our client thousands of dollars.

Traffic analysis

In the 2017 IEEE VAST challenge, co-founder Bram Cappers single-handedly outperformed more than 50 industry teams. He identified one vehicle responsible for dumping chemical waste in traffic data for a year.

Sharing user accounts

A pay-per-user model is one of the most widely used digital subscription models, not only for consumers, but also in business-to-business software. However, many users share their accounts to avoid subscription fees.

CodeNext21 Case

Restoring mainstream care with next-level technology

Too many “urgent” treatments were scheduled in a hospital’s oncology department, disrupting regularly scheduled surgeries. At first glance, there were no obvious common factors. Our technologies were used to find the root cause of these “urgent” treatments.

Why work with CodeNext21?

Because we are simply good at what we do.

CodeNext21 is a company with its roots at Eindhoven University of Technology. CodeNext21 uses the latest academic technologies, including award-winning technologies developed by its own team members. Our technologies have won numerous awards and contributed to prestigious cybersecurity communities.

Choose the right path for the future

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