CodeNext21 is a company with its roots at Eindhoven University of Technology. CodeNext21 uses the latest academic technologies, including award-winning technologies developed by its own team members. Our technologies have won numerous awards and contributed to prestigious cybersecurity communities.

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We are CodeNext21

CodeNext21 makes use of new technology developed at Eindhoven University of Technology during the PhDs of co-founders dr. Bram Cappers and dr. Jos Mengerink. Our mission is to make state-of-the-art data analysis techniques readily available to all.

CodeNext21 delivers solutions, not tools

Datadriven doesn’t mean it’s expensive

Many companies are moving to a more data-driven way of working, using AI and machine learning. However, this approach has several drawbacks:

  • It requires large upfront investments in data analysis tools;

  • It requires well-trained (and therefore expensive) staff;

  • AI & ML often produce a large number of (false) alerts, which must be acted upon.

Instead of building tools that you must master, CodeNext21 delivers plug-and-play tools tailored to your application domain.

Our technology uses the latest academic data analysis techniques to generate up to 100x fewer false alarms than competing systems. Plus, we produce and report results in ways that are easy for your employees to understand, so follow-ups and feedback are seamless.



European cybersecurity perspectives

We have been actively contributing to European cybersecurity perspectives for several years and working with some of the biggest players in the field to improve global digital security.

Choose the right path for the future

Brainstorming about applying our technology to your data? Curious about how your organization can handle data better? Contact us.