Want to monitor or analyze your data on an ongoing basis, but not so sure what the options are? Our unique three-step plan brings you to an AI application in an orderly fashion, completely tailored to your application. After a no-obligation brainstorming session about the possibilities, we’ll give you a proposal that includes our three-step plan.

Quick results

Are you curious about the possibilities of applying AI in your production process, but unsure about the feasibility and possible outcomes? With our three-step plan, you’ll have quick results! You only start the next step each time with positive results.

Any Data!

We process any kind of structured data: be it a text file, a SQL dump or a real-time data stream….. we process it into meaningful outcomes! You don’t have to clean up your data (data cleaning) or validate it (data validation) which saves a lot of time.

CodeNext21 delivers affordable AI and ML solutions for SMBs

“Just hand over your data!”

Choose the right path for the future

Brainstorming about applying our technology to your data? Curious about how your organization can handle data better? Contact us.