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Finding anomalies in data

Why are anomalies interesting?

Deviations ( “anomaly” ) can be interesting for many reasons. For example, an anomaly might tell you that maintenance is needed on a machine, or that a change is taking place in a logistics process. Aberrant behavior can also be associated with potentially suspicious actions.

But not all anomalies are unexpected: Sometimes an anomaly can be explained in ways that we, as humans, do not immediately glean from the data. Patterns such as the season, a holiday or the weather can explain deviations.

Our algorithms can find patterns in multiple complex data that you can’t find with the naked eye. These patterns are the basis for the solution learning for itself what is normal and what is abnormal.

Our algorithms specialize in finding anomalies:

  • Abnormal measurement results
  • Abnormal behavior of human or machine
  • Divergent decisions
  • Deviant processes
  • Abnormal timing of actions

Use your data efficiently

Most organizations collect a lot of data and barely use it. Processing the data is often a time-consuming and therefore costly investment with no assurances about the outcomes, the quality of the outcomes or the applicability of the outcomes.

CodeNext21 has developed a solution that can analyze data efficiently. Working with you, our analysts can quickly see if your data contains valuable information.

Our three-step plan gives you maximum success guarantee for a small investment. Each step is carefully gone through and the outcomes discussed with you. Read more about the three-step plan >>

Real-time analysis

Our Machine Learner (ML) algorithms are capable of real-time analysis of large amounts of data (streaming data).
This makes our solution widely applicable; Whether you want to counter fraud on live transactions or monitor the quality of your production process live.

You remain “in-control”

Our Machine Learner (ML) algorithms make complex calculations based on your own data. However, the outcomes are always completely transparent! You learn to trust the platform as we give you insight into how a decision is made by our ML. That way, you always keep control.

Transparency of AI and ML applications is essential. Our algorithms point you to anomalies that matter. Understandable and transparent!

Results in understandable language

You don’t have to be a data scientist to work with our solutions. CodeNext21 strives to develop complex AI and ML solutions that give everyone control over their process without studying for it. Working closely together, your knowledge of the data and our knowledge of AI/ML form a result that everyone can work with. And to improve your knowledge of AI/ML, we regularly organize master classes. Read more >>

Choose the right path for the future

Brainstorming about applying our technology to your data? Curious about how your organization can handle data better? Contact us.